Mutual of Omaha Medicare, understanding Medicare Part A costs

Do you know the fact that Traditional Medicare paid only 80% of the medical costs incurred? In fact, majority seniors have been paying their entire life towards Mutual of Omaha Medicare and are not astonished to notice that with Traditional Medicare, they are paying more than expected as Medicare costs out of their pocket. Thus, ensure you comprehend the health care expenses that you may have to pay as you get retired.  Mutual of Omaha Medicare refers to the health insurance offered to adults in the ages of 65 and older through the federal government. This comprises of four parts, where the costs covers each part for health care services.

The Medicare four parts are Part A, B, C and D.

Traditional Medicare, was issued by the federal government, and comprises of Parts A and B, only two parts.

Part A Medicare covers the hospital insurance and offers coverage for inpatient nursing care; care for inpatients and for the services and supplies at a medical facility.

Part B Medicare refers to the medical insurance that includes outpatient care, doctor services and preventive services.

Costs of Medicare

People may have worked for years and each paycheck is put towards the coverage of Medicare. Thus, it goes to the benefits of Original Medicare and is issued to anyone over the age of 65 and also to individuals with end stage renal issues or certain disabilities. However, the cost you pay for all these years during your working period does not cover the costs of Medicare. It is expected to pay the expenses inclusive of coinsurance, deductibles and copayments.  To help pay for the copayments and other expenses people invest in Medicare Supplement Plans 2018.

A look at Traditional Medicare and its breakdown benefits:

Part A Medicare benefits include:

  1. Your premium: This is paid by most Americans during working period and they will not pay for coverage for Part A as premium.
  2. Your deductible: Part A is $1316 as deductible.
  3. Inpatient care in the hospital:
  • Medicare will cover the hospital stay to 100% for the first 60 days.
  • After that, your costs increase depending on the hospital stay length.
  • 61-90 days the costs cover is $329/day and the rest will be paid by Medicare.
  • 91-150 days the costs cover is $658/day and the rest is paid by Medicare.
  • 151+ days the costs cover all and nothing is paid by Medicare.
  1. Skilled Nursing Care
  • Medicare will pay for inpatient costs for initial 20 days.
  • 21-100 days: you will pay $164.50/day and rest Medicare will pay.
  • 101+ days: allows covering all expenses and Medicare pays nothing.