Ideal Sleeping Conditions for Seniors

Ideal Sleeping Conditions for Seniors

How you use the bedroom, what you do there the rest of the time, can be crucial for healthy sleep. Your bedroom is a kind of sanctuary, the place where you can relax, take a break from the outside world and just be yourself. Get into bed only if you are really tired and want to sleep. If you have a desire to read or watch TV, it is better to sit in a chair or even on the floor, comfortably sitting on the pillows.

Ideal sleeping conditions:

There are many ways to prepare a bedroom for a restful, healthy sleep, from choosing a mattress on which you sleep to using different aroma oils.

Darkness is our friend

As a rule, light is associated in us with day time and a state of activity. If the light prevents you from falling asleep, close the curtains in the bedroom more tightly or use the eye mask.

In addition to sleeping, your bed may be associated with other activities. Try to separate the bed from other pieces of furniture, using a screen or light curtain.

Comfortable mattress

An inconvenient mattress or pillow can lead to back pain and insomnia. They should be changed as soon as you feel that you are uncomfortable with them.

Cut off from the world

Light is not the only hindrance to deep sleep. Unpleasant noise from the street can also annoy and stop you from relaxing. In this case, heavy curtains or blinds can help.

Fresh air

Fresh air even in winter is necessary for a restful sleep. Mustful air or certain smells can remind you of the problems of the day and upset you, making it difficult to relax and fall asleep.


The body cools down during sleep. Use a fan or open the window to maintain the optimum temperature in the room. This will help you fall asleep faster.

To get away from extraneous noise, try putting on special headphones for the night or turn on quiet relaxing music. Even dimensional fan noise can help.

Aromatic pouch

An aromatic bag is a small pad filled with fragrant herbs. It exudes a pleasant smell, which helps to relax and fall asleep faster.Affordable Health Insurance 2020 is readily available on help cover deductible for seniors who’re 65 & over.