Advantages and Disadvantages of Medicare Supplement Plans

In today’s time, we are all aware of the term Medicare Supplement plans. But if you are not certain about getting one or do not know the advantages or disadvantages of having one, then this article will inform you about the most important and prominent facts of these plans.

  • Advantages

Uniform Coverage in Most of the States – Private Insurance companies offer various Medicare Supplement Plans in varied styles. However, Medicare Supplement Plan A or Plan F mostly covers similar insurance benefits as any other Medicare Supplement Plan A or F irrespective of the insurance company.

Six Months Assured Enrollment – In your state, you can register in any Medicare Supplement Plans, without worrying about turned down for any medical reasons during the Medicare Supplement Part B open enrollment period. This period is of six months, which starts with the first day of the month in which you turn 65 or older. In most of the states, the uniform Medicare Supplement plans to provide additional 365days of hospitalization coverage after the consumption of Original Medicare.

Countrywide Coverage – In general, coverage under Medicare Supplement Plans can be availed nationwide. The benefits of these plans are not confined to any particular state or local city. This is a preferred option for the “snowbird” seniors, who may stay half the year in one state and half the year in another.

Guaranteed Renewable Coverage As long as you maintain your payments of monthly premiums, you continue with your Medicare Supplement plan.

Some Extra Benefits – Some Medicare Supplement Plans also provide a few extra benefits like coverage of extra charges, foreign travel emergency care, etc.

  • Disadvantages

Uncertain cost of Medicare Supplement Coverage – Some supplement plans could be costlier than the other Medicare health insurance plans administered privately. This often causes more restrictions on the coverage.

Increase in annual Rate – The monthly rates paid against the Medicare Supplement Plans may increase from one year to another.

May not qualify beyond guaranteed acceptance period – Medicare Supplement open enrollment period is eligible to sign up a Medicare Supplement plan without medical underwriting. After this period, there is the possibility of being declined for the coverage on the basis of your health or medical history, or coverage may cost much more.

No Prescription Drugs Coverage – These plans do not cover the prescribed drugs. If you wish to get coverage for prescription drugs then you need to enroll in another Medicare health insurance plan.    

The Right Mental Health Physician for You

The thought of finding a competent health care provider can be a daunting prospect for someone with mental health problems. One will have to look for a person who is knowledgeable with your particular problems and be very experienced in all aspects of mental health. First and foremost, one needs to find the health provider who will be best suited for your health needs. Many people find this to be the most difficult part, but it is important to be able to talk to the mental health provider to get his/her help and be comfortable with them.  Know what benefits you have with your supplement insurance.  Go here to find out more.

Many hospital and health clinics are a good source to find a mental health care physician. They will have knowledge of many specialists in the area who can be of service. Hospitals and health clinics can also have programs that may deal with you particular issue and they can steer you to the right person or place. Your personal physician can be one of the best sources for your needs. He/she knows your concerns and health issues and may know knowledgeable physicians who can help you. He/she can probably be one of the best sources, to direct you to the right person, since they know you so well.

Your Friends and families can be wonderful in helping you find the right doctor. They may have had similar circumstances and have used a certain doctor for their needs. Some religious organizations or organizations may have listings of mental health counselors.  There are many sources to help you find what you need. Another can be the internet, where you can find almost anything. You can look up doctors and see their qualifications and sometimes patient’s recommendations. Many physicians will have their own websites and even blogs and you can get a sense of who they are and their accreditations. Much can be found out about a physician on the internet and this is definitely one source one could use.

The need to find a mental health physician is important to you to help you to calm your concerns. Being able to talk with your physician is of upmost importance and if you find any problems with this, you can choose another person to help you. Your well being is the biggest concern and you will find the physician to help you. The first person may not be the right counselor, but the next one just might be the one to help you.

Start Planning Today and Choose the Best Medicare Advantage Plan


As humans it’s not exactly comfortable giving up the control to someone else. Imagine how fidgety we become when we have to worry about our upcoming results, or the score of a much awaited match. That’s a given when we have no or less control of a particular situation and we can only hope that the outcome matches with our desires and wishes.

Well that’s exactly how it is when we have to plan something important for our life. Be it for our marital bliss, or our career foundation or for a peaceful retirement lifestyle. Planning is the keyword here. And if you haven’t yet given a thought about it, well here we are to see what all the humana 2019 medicare advantage plans are at

What is it?

These plans benefit our long-term healthcare in terms of pre-planning and preparing for any worse odds in the future. We may not be prepared to face the sky-high figures of our medical bills someday, but careful planning today may help us in the best way possible in dealing with such unpleasant scenarios in our future.

Talking about one’s age, if you’re 64 and soon turning 65, or already have, then you need to act sooner because in six months of your 65th birthday you should enroll in a healthcare insurance plan.


If you’re asking that question, tell me, are you willing to pay thousands of dollars in case of a mishap? Then why not insure your life and health while you manage to control the steering wheel to your healthcare and life?

Original medicare doesn’t cover your 100% bills like medicare advantage plans would. Similarly, the former doesn’t provide for deductible or co-insurances while the latter does. Moreover, it’s always relieving to experience that some part of your hospital bills are covered due to your smart planning!

The various plans

Choosing one plan can be tricky because it demand your smartness as well as your carefulness. You wouldn’t appreciate being cheated in terms of hidden costs or sky-high premium payments with unimpressive benefit coverage.

While there are several medicare advantage plans with different coverage benefits at different premium costs, you got to choose the one with the best required coverage at the basic premium offers.

To do so, insurance advisers and reviews can be of great help and support. Even online articles and social communities come forward to discuss about it and choose one.

Some of the best insurance companies offer a wide range of advantageal plans that provides the necessary coverage along with other services of hospice care, nursing and foreign travel exchange.

All you have to do is look into the details and make a smart choice. Start planning today!

Humana Medicare Plans Have Varying Price Range

Humana 2019 Medicare Plans Have Varying Price Range

Various companies selling insurance have different types of price fixed for the insurance plans they provide. Medicare Advantage plans also have different prices. The insurance plans generally come with a premium which is to be paid on a monthly basis. So the monthly premium set by companies is different from one another. There are usually three different types of price range:

  • Rated by the community irrespective of the age you possess. This is the type of premium to be paid which does not depend on the age of the individual.
  • Issued on the basis of age and the entry happens likewise. This is the type of premium to be paid which totally depends on the age of the individual from the date or purchase of the plan.
  • Rated in terms of the age attained by an individual. This is the type of premium to be paid which depends on the age you attain as you grow older. It is counted from the time you are enrolled and your current age.

As there are cost differences among various companies you should always do your homework in doing the comparison of the prices before purchasing a particular plan.

Medicare Advantage plans don’t generally cover everything

There are various Medicare advantage insurance plans and all of these plans have their own set of benefits which get covered. The insurance plans are obliged to cover a set of benefits along with the plans which are purchased. However all such insurance plans cover a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 100% of the most important benefits that are enlisted below. However the amounts for the benefits provided can vary from one plan to the other.

  • Coinsurance as categorised under Medicare Part A and the benefits that are covered under the same.
  • Coinsurance or the standard copayment as categorised under Medicare Part B and the essential benefits covered under the same.
  • The first three blood bottles, each of these bottles contain 1pint of blood.
  • The entire benefit that comes under part A is the hospital care and its coinsurance or share of copayment.

Plans which cover additional benefits to at least 50% of the Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Coinsurance related to the services provided by skilled nurses and its facility.
  • Deductibles of Part A.
  • Deductibles of Part B.
  • Excess charges for services under Part B.
  • Emergencies related to foreign transfer for medical coverage. (80% of the plans assured)

Few Benefits found in a Supplement Insurance Plan

There are a few basic benefits found in various types of standardized and generic Medicare Supplement plans. These include the entire coinsurance of Medicare Part A which includes all types of hospital costs. 100% of the hospital costs included is paid by the insurance. To add on a 365 days benefit to avail health checkups at no cost is provided to the individual. Apart from this most generic and important benefits, all the benefits which are enlisted under the Medicare plan are rightfully provided. However, a few expenditures related to medical costs are at times needed to be done out of pocket. These extra costs, in turn, vary from one plan to the other depending upon the range of expense and the circumstances.

Services for which the Medicare Supplement plans pay are located at

There are typically ten various standardised plans under the Medicare plan. However, payment for the services availed differs from plan to plan and the benefits incurred in it as well. Most of the benefits are bound to pay for Medicare Plan B and its coinsurance along with the first three bottles of blood which is one point each for the primary medical procedure. The entire Part B which contains the hospice care is taken care by the insurance policy too. The other plans which have these services included may have to pay for these benefits at a rate of 100%.

For example, the Plan K ensures the payment of these services for only 50%. On the other hand Plan, L pays for the benefit of 75% of its expenses. There are other plans too out of which some may pay for all these services and some may not. All have its stipulated amount of services to be paid for. Other benefits are other covered like nursing facility provided who are skilled, the Part A deductible along with Part B deductible, extra service charges included in Part B and emergencies related to foreign travel. However such emergencies are paid up to 80% of the plan limit.

Services which are not included under the Medicare Supplement plans

There are a few services which are not taken care by the insurance plans. Services such as a routine check-up for dental or obscure vision and its care, prolonged care at a nursing home, problems related to hearing or getting eyeglasses for reasons.  These plans also prohibit the coverage of prescribed drug usage. However few other plans may tend to cover such benefits with extra cost effectiveness.

What is the best that Medicare can give you

Health for Senior is very important for all people throughout the country. It is an issue that has been causing great relevance in any place where it is discussed and thanks to Medicare Insurance has been given the position that really needs. Proof of this are the thousands of benefits that the elderly now have to enjoy.

In this way, there are now many things that Medicare Insurance can offer to all the people who decide to use their services. However, within this variety, there are some that are much better than others but knowing which ones are for yourself can become a bit difficult, that is why today we will help you to know.

First of all, the best that Medicare can give you is personalized attention. From the first contact you have with this health program, you will be attended by the best insurance advisors who will help you understand how everything works. After that, whenever you have a question you can solve it in a matter of minutes by going directly to the website.

There you will find a question and answer section in which you may find the doubt that you have. In case you are not, you can always visit the whole site since there is a lot of information.

If, on the other hand, you do not have time to access the website and you want some more direct contact, you can call the Medicare customer service number, which is 0-800 MEDICARE. There you will enter directly into a series of options and you can select the one that seems to you the most.

Knowing this, another of the great advantages that Medicare has for you is its great variety of plans. There are many things you can enjoy with Medicare and even you choose what Health for Seniors is going to mean to you.

You have from Part A to Part D to choose the plan that best suits you, plus you will not have to find out for yourself alone as the insurance consultant you go with will always support you.

But if these parts of Medicare are not enough for you and you need a lot more support as an older adult than you are since you want to be more protected, you can opt for the Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. These are a very good option that covers the expenses of the invoices left over from the aforementioned parties.

When there is an emergency but your main Medicare plan does not cover all the expenses you have, you can activate the supplemental plans. Although these are sold by private institutions, they cover different things depending on the plan you choose, you have options from A to N.

Medicare Insurance has gradually become the definition of Health for Seniors thanks to all the benefits it gives them. The elderly feel understood and protected in case of an emergency because they know that Medicare will cover all their expenses.

A Guide To How The Stock Market Works

Stock Market is an investment for the smart and shrewd investor who loves taking risk and benefitting from it. But this skill is acquired through continuous learning and experience gained over years and years of buying and selling stocks.

Contrary to modern beliefs, stock market trading is not a gamble. While it involves certain degrees of risk and upto some extent luck, success in this trade is rooted only from knowing the game inside out. Knowing more about the basics of how the stock market works can govern the decisions during trade which can eventually result in a gain or loss.

What is a Stock?

Often people use the terms, ‘stock’ and ‘shares’ alternatively but they have quite different meanings. Every organization issues shares of itself to the public and a stock is essentially the ownership of the share. Companies issue its shares through an Initial Public Offering or an IPO and it is usually done to raise money from people who purchase these shares.

The price of the shares is determined based on the company’s value, and it varies according to how the company is performing and the direction to which it is headed to.

How is the price of a stock determined?

The factors that determine the price of a stock not be necessarily be only dependent on the performance of the company. Most importantly, it is governed by the rates of supply and demand, performance of the industry, success of the company in the recent times and also even plain popularity due to a viral marketing campaign.

So, how does it work?

Stock trading like any other form of trading involves buyers and sellers. A trader may buy some stocks of the company by investing the portion of money which would be the cost of each stock multiplied by the quantity he / she purchases.

The perceived value of company changes over time and the cash gained and lost is founded on this alternating value. The buyer may sell the stock when the value of the company increases and that brings a profit in the margin of difference.

If the value of the stock of a company dips down, sellers tend to sell their stocks hastily in order to reduce the loss margin. As the price further dips down, there would come a point where the demand from buyers would increase which in turn raises the stock price.

The bottom line is that stocks have been a vital source of investment for companies. Buying and selling of stocks happens at Stock Exchanges which are connected together globally. The New York Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange are some of the most prominent stock exchanges currently.

Click here to learn about medicare supplement

A general idea about the Medicare supplement plans

If you are planning to buy Medicare supplement plans or insurance, you will find that there are several agents as well as the recipients of the Medicare and for each of them, they consider that the plan F of the Medicare supplement is quite the Cadillac or the master of all the other supplement plans out there.

What do you know about Medicare supplement plans?

Now before the subject of supplement plans are delved into deeper, you need to have an understanding of some of the basic information or idea about these insurance products. Medicare is nothing but a programme which is run by the government, and he supplies these Medicare supplement plans via which he provides medical assistance to those people who are the senior citizens of the country.

The government is responsible for the payment of the health coverage of the older people in the country. All those people who also fall under the senior citizenship and have been physically or mentally disabled are also the ones who suffer from these problems. However, you need to understand that the coverage provided NY Medicare itself is not at all adequate as far as your health is concerned.

Medicare has a lot of loopholes in them

In fact, there are several gaps or problems or loopholes which are present in the coverage which can result in the recipient having to pay for his or her treatments by him despite having a Mediclaim. This is where the Medicare supplement plans come into play. This plan is basically used for the purpose of filling in all the loopholes which are otherwise present in the Medicare by itself.

Monthly premium paid varies from place to place

In fact, it is also known as the medical insurance at times due to the role it plays. There are three factors which are paid huge importance with respect to the supplement plan. They are the medical history, the financial condition as well as the opinions which they personally hold on their health care.

The first thing which is made sure is whether they have the money required to pay for their supplement plan. The starting price of the plan F is about 95 dollars, and it just upgrades or increases from there. There are some factors based on which the month-based premium will be differing. Monthly premiums for Medicare supplement plans depend on the area you are residing in, your age.

Understand the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans

What are Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C)?

The insurance organizations that have the approval of Medicare, provides Medicare Advantage plans. They provide benefits of Part A and Part B plans with an exception of Hospice care.

What are Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)?

The private insurance organizations offer these plans. They cover some health care costs not covered by Original Medicare, like deductibles, premiums, and copayments.

How to choose between the two?

One must always compare the advantages, benefits, and costs in relevance to one’s present health conditions and healthcare requirements. While comparing consider, the following factors:

  • Monthly Premiums
  • Deductibles
  • Predicted healthcare and hospital services costs, often used by oneself
  • Plans network of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies.
  • Prescribed drugs required on regular basis
  • Maximum expected out-of-pocket expenses.

Can one avail both the plans?

No, both of them cannot be availed together as Advantage plans do not operate with Medicare Supplement plans. Hence, one cannot make the payment of Part C Medicare Advantage plan using Supplement plan to cover copayments, premiums, or deductibles.  

A comparative chart study:

Benefits Medicare Supplement Plans Medicare Advantage Plans
Doctors – Hospitals Freedom to choose any doctor and hospitals, if they accept Medicare patients. One may need to choose doctors or hospitals only from the plan network.
Referrals One can consult specialists even without any referrals. Referrals may be required and may need to consult specialist covered in the network only.
Network It does not confine to any area, hence, it works across the United States of America. Network restrictions are likely to be present. However, it covers emergency care during travel within the United States of America and in some cases abroad also.
Enrolling After attaining the age of 65 years or older anyone can purchase a supplement plan and enroll in Medicare Part B plan. One can enroll or switch to another Medicare Advantage plan in the specific periods of the year only.
Costs In addition to Part B premium, monthly plan premium is also paid. It limits the out-of-pocket costs at the time of using services. In general, there is no requirement or a very low monthly plan premium is required to pay against Part B premium. At the time of availing services costs like, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles need to be paid.
Prescription Drug Coverage Prescription drug coverage is not included, can also enroll in Medicare plan Part D. Prescription drug coverage is included with most of the plans.






Know Your Eligibility to Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans are health care plans sold by private health insurance organizations. However, in contrast to other private organizations, they have some eligibility criterion.

Eligibility in accordance with Original Medicare

Medicare Supplement Plans propose to work in accordance with Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). You must enroll in Medicare to be eligible for any supplement plan. Part A and Part B are accessible to all the U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents fulfilling following requirements, for a minimum of five years:

  1. Attaining age of 65 years or older.
  2. Diagnosed with ESRD- permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant.
  3. Availing any disability benefits either from the Railroad Retirement Board or Social Security Administration. However, only after 24 months of receiving the disability benefits, you can avail medicare facility.
  4. Diagnosed with ALS.

As part of the system, people get to enroll in Medicare Part A after turning 65 years of age. It offers a premium-free plan for the people, who have work experience of 10 years and paid their Medicare taxes. In most of the cases, people also enrolled by default in Part B with the policy of payment of monthly premium.

 Eligible Age to Avail Supplement Plan

The centralized law does not instruct insurance organizations to sell the plans to people who are under the age of 65. Although in some states, Supplement plans have the age as one of the eligibility criteria. This implies that one cannot avail the services until he/she is 65 years old, even if one has ESRD. However, many states instruct the organizations to provide one type of Medicare Supplement plans to people who are under the age 65.

Plan Eligibility for People under the Age of 65 Years

Many insurance organizations in some states offer Supplement plans to people under the age of 65 years, even without any instructions by the law. Although, the plans may cost higher than the plans are costing to people of 65 years or older. An insurance organization may also access the health conditions to make policy related decisions, which may result in an increase in premium subject to any case of existing health condition.

After enrolling in plans Part A and B, you can enroll in any Medicare Supplement plans. There will be no restriction of enrollment periods because of any other Medicare enrollment options.